Welcome to my little blog!

I’m Haniya. I have a default intro pre-saved in my memory, in case someone asks me to introduce myself in an online university. It works just fine most of the time but seems r o b o t i c when I’m asked to introduce myself in a non-academic setting.

Anyway, here are a few things about me!

  • I’m a freshman with a slightly unhealthy obsession with studies, coupled with a strong emotional attachment to my grades. At the same time, I believe in exploiting every other opportunity of wasting time. (Carpe Diem, bestie) So, imagine the mess.

  • Sometimes I paint landscapes with acrylics and sometimes I sketch or color. Most of the time, I doodle absentmindedly in my notebook margins. Also outside the margins, if I’m being honest. Like wayy outside, blending-into-the-class-notes-outside.

  • Every now and then, when I’m half asleep, I like to scribble my thoughts in the Notes app. Many of my non-sensical thoughts have only been read by my best friend, and most of them will never see the light of the day.

  • I'll be posting my refined (as in human-legible) and sometimes raw (only-people-who-care-to-read-between-the-lines-and-have-a-knack-for-depth-legible) writings here!

  • For some reason, I love reading other people’s bizarre thoughts/journal entries/favorite poetry or quotes/favorite lyrics. Basically, I’d love to read anything that matters to you and is composed in words. Feel absolutely free to send me your favorites any time you feel like it:)

  • I tend to have anxiety in social situations and think 397 times before I approach someone new, but I also love to make friends and connect with people. You see the mess I’ve got myself into?

  • I dream, think, imagine, feel, and yearn a lott.

  • My favorite color is red wine and all the shades of red + purple. I love talking about colors.

  • I’m vocal about social issues because they matter to me more than my anxiety, and quite frankly, I prioritize values over relationships.

  • Hozier + Taylor Swift + Harry Styles + Louis Tomlinson + Harper Lee + Sylvia Plath + John green + Sleeping At Last + Faiz Ahmed Faiz + Van Gogh are my favorite artists. (Everyone who pours their heart into their craft seems like an artist to me).

  • I’m a Pisces and INFJ, both astrology and MBTI seem interesting to me. On that note, I love INFPS ❤ (they're babieees, how can you not?)

  • This blog is meant to be a sanctuary for my thoughts, no grand plans at the moment.

That’s all for the intro post! And if you read this far, you’re here, I’m here…Let’s connect?:)

*slowly extends a hand like a little kid meeting another one in her secret play area xD*

6 thoughts on “A Little Something About Me

  1. Hi Haniya, loved reading your blog 💜 especially the Harry Styles – Louis Tomlinson part!!! I’m also new here, looking forward to reading more of your blogs ( also extending my hand, let’s be friends!! )
    Happy blogging 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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