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Not About Heartbreaks (poetry)

This poem is for the beautiful details hidden in the meshwork of heartbreaks like nightingales in the vines of decade-old black birches

The Pendulous Fall (poetry)

And now he calls on to strangers to share his loneliness
to smudge it over their crumbling faces,
to split it into pieces and devour it like a rotten birthday cake.

Someone I Trust

After you spend a lifetime chained in dark spaces, it is nearly impossible to believe that there’s something like a glorious sun and a beautiful universe out there.

The Fusion Between Writing and Identity

And when I’m alone, I string the words together, like beads in a bracelet. I build myself some friends, a cozy home, and a loving family. I make emblems for people I love, and in my stories, I give us the endings that we deserved.

Homecoming of a memory (poetry)

She paints hexagons on her pink paper and I make Mobius strips from my purple one
Until the kind teacher takes us to the movie room to watch chipmunks dancing and singing
Holding me in her lap, she gently fixes the collars of my strawberry frock

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